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Originally posted by Fusion
No, thats called double standards.

Let me ask you something,

Do you believe that a company COULD perfect Hidden Surface Removal algorythms in their drivers ?

If the question was towards ATI, then ATI owners would say yes.

If the question was towards Nvidia, then ATI owners would say no, and add thats it's just PR BS Spin.

Yep, looks like double standards to me.
Please DON'T tell me what all ATi owners would say, leave that argument for someone else who is NOT paying attention.
That is a VERY POOR effort if it is supposed to be HSR.
Everyone spouts how great the NV driver team is.
Sorry, but I am NOT seeing it........... especially since most folks here seem to BELIEVE that what is going on is just a bug, if that WERE the case ( and I DON'T believe it is, but I have my own opinion... others may differ) then they have ALOT of work left.
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