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Not proven yet, we'll see what happens, shall we ? If a new driver set comes out and proves this, then it will shut up a lot of fanboys here (ATI). If not, then it will shut up a lot of fanboys here. (NV)

Do you see ?

the driver set in question is the one we have NOW... what happens in the next driver set is really a question for another day... it has little to do with ati fanboys or nvidia fanboys and everything to do with the integrity of this particular IHV and consumers and what they are receiving...

You call that journalism ? I call it pay back.

yes... kyle did a little pay back didn't he ? ET did nothing more than suggest irregularities... they did not SAY it was a cheat.. neither did b3d... the implication of a cheat was there... admittedly but mainly due to looking @ the pictures in question and also looking @ the technical details... unfortunately there are a few other websites that have editors with apparently less technical knowhow who have decided to take this opportunity to get their own little potshots in... THAT is pay back... IMO

No talk needed. A driver is all that is needed.

isn't there a driver set out already... one that is being questioned for the way it handles certain situations in particular programs ?

No, only the ATI owners. The NVidia owners are waiting for drivers first, talk last.

many nvidia owners here have raised questions themselves... as any consumers and as anyone interested in hardware would do... not so much about fanboyism all the time as consumers bonding together over a common view point...

Looks like you've already made up your narrow mind, no matter what the outcome.

There are always two sides to a fence. I'm sitting on it for now, but you've quite obviously taken one side, while telling yourself that the other side doesn't exist.

it is obvious you also have taken a side and if you can make up your mind what is to stop others from making up their own mind concerning the same matter ? note that fantomas never implied that you had a narrow mind or anything like that however
I'm not going to even bother to read that.

It's like a long playing record, that gets stuck right at the end then suddenly shoots back to the same position, again and again and....................

Oh, and before you bother to reply to this, read what I put again near the end.

There are always two sides to a fence. I'm sitting on it for now
Meaning I have a Radeon 9700 in one hand, and a Nv35 in the other.
Get the gist ?
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