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Default Re: Kentsfield/Quad-Core Overclocking Thread

Originally Posted by schuey74
IMO, if you only intend on watercooling the CPU, you'd probably be fine with a 2x120 rad. Now, that doesn't mean you won't get better temps with a 3x120, it just may not be worth the trouble since it's a bit of a headache to get that big of a rad mounted on most cases.

The triple rad would probably knock your temps down two to four degrees and the GTX waterblock would get you another two or three on a quad core. These differences probably won't make much of an impact on your OC, but it could.

If I were you I'd see what the CPU can do on air and stock (or close to) volts and then decide how much cooling you need. If your chips clocks well without much voltage then a dual rad setup would be fine, but if it needs a lot of voltage then a triple rad would help. Either way I'd go with the GTX waterblock unless you already own the GT. I wouldn't change blocks for two degrees.
Many thanks for taking the time in composing your well thought out response.

I haven't ordered any water parts yet so for the little extra money I might as well go for the better parts. My shopping list for the CPU is all of the higher end Swiftech products as you fleshed out above e.g. MCR320 radiator (triple model), GTX water block, an MCP655 pump. Is there any known better equipment?

Also, is there any general rule of thumb as to how much this type of system is going to drop quad temps with a relatively modest OC in comparison to a high end air system such as a Thermalright Ultra Extreme? I look around on some of the OC water forums and I see water setups that aren't getting much better results than mine which are relatively poor in comparison to what the Extreme can do. I'm beginning to wonder if the air technology has caught up to water and now the only real benefit that can be achieved is through phase.

Thank you.
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