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Default Re: Kentsfield/Quad-Core Overclocking Thread

Originally Posted by schuey74
Thermochill rads are the best.

Voltage will affect your temps much more than clockspeed so it's impossible to generalize it, but I'll give you an example so you understand where I'm coming from.

Example: You have a quad that does 3.2 at or near stock voltage, but requires ~1.5v to do 3.6. If you're happy @ 3.2 and don't want to risk pumping up the volts on your CPU, then stick with the Thermalright. There shouldn't be a big difference in temps (a few degrees at most) between it and water at those clockspeeds and voltage. But if you do want to run that particular CPU @ the higher speed and voltage, water would give you a significant temperature drop.....a drop which could be the difference between your CPU being stable @ 3.6 or not.

So like I mentioned in a previous post, the best thing to do is try the CPU on the stock cooling first so you have a good idea about what you're dealing with and then make your long term cooling decision. IMO, you should do that and post your results here so the kind folk at nvnews can guide you in the right direction once we know exactly what your CPU can do at stock volts. Plus, your situation would be a big help for many people on the fringe on whether or not to go to watercooling.

Good luck on getting a good overclocker!
schuey74 - indeed thank you again for your time.

My cooling performance is pretty much as I laid out in post #97 above with the Zalman 9700 LED. Temps are in Everest. The 680i (at least the Striker and P5N32-E) seems to like lower volts as opposed to higher volts so to run stable at ~3.4Ghz vcore=1.41, sb=1.52, nb=1.33, fsb vtt=1.36.

It will run Windows, but not orthos, stable at 3.6+Ghz with very little extra voltage beyond these numbers.

The 680i seems to like to eat ram so I keep it down to 876mhz, 2.06v, 4-4-4-8 1T.

The other problem with the Asus 680i boards running quads is that the fsb won't exceed ~340mhz regardless of the multiplier or cooling so I'm running it at 1252mhz (313 x 11) but I doubt this has any relevancy to heat.

Is there anything else I should advise you of?
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