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Default Re: Kentsfield/Quad-Core Overclocking Thread

Originally Posted by mhw100
schuey74 - indeed thank you again for your time.

My cooling performance is pretty much as I laid out in post #97 above with the Zalman 9700 LED. Temps are in Everest. The 680i (at least the Striker and P5N32-E) seems to like lower volts as opposed to higher volts so to run stable at ~3.4Ghz vcore=1.41, sb=1.52, nb=1.33, fsb vtt=1.36.

It will run Windows, but not orthos, stable at 3.6+Ghz with very little extra voltage beyond these numbers.

The 680i seems to like to eat ram so I keep it down to 876mhz, 2.06v, 4-4-4-8 1T.

The other problem with the Asus 680i boards running quads is that the fsb won't exceed ~340mhz regardless of the multiplier or cooling so I'm running it at 1252mhz (313 x 11) but I doubt this has any relevancy to heat.

Is there anything else I should advise you of?
No problem man, I've got the time right now.

Sorry I missed a couple of earlier post where you specified some stuff.

If I were in your position I would see exactly how much voltage it takes for your CPU to be Orthos stable. You don't need to leave it running for hours, just run it for 20 - 30 minutes and if it clears that your good. That doesn't mean you 100% stable at that speed, but it does mean 100% stable results are almost assured with slightly more voltage or better cooling. The point of this is not to find your ultimate overclock, but to find out the following: can I run the chip @ 3.6 fully loaded for at least a little while without it heating up to insane temps.

If you find that you can run it @ 3.6 100% stable, then you'll likely want watercooling to get you much more comfortable temps. If you can't get 3.6 stable than just keep your current cooling because the difference in temps just isn't worth it and it's unlikely the lower temps will buy you that stability. This all, of course, is very dependent on how much voltage is necessary for said stability - anything over 1.55v and you're going to need good watercooling to keep those orthos temps in the 50s(c). You made it clear (and it makes sense) that you don't want/need to wc your video cards so I would not suggest investing in watercooling unless you have that 3.6 stability.
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