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Default Re: Kentsfield/Quad-Core Overclocking Thread

Originally Posted by Xion X2
Nice posts, Schuey. You should come around more often and help me with some of these watercooling questions. I've been taking 3-4 PM's a day at times trying to keep up with some of it.
Thanks, I come around when I can, but it's all work dependent. Sometimes I have loads of free time for weeks or even months at a time and other times I'm swamped for similar periods of time. I closed my office for all but phone calls today and I'm getting ready for a nice long weekend of PC Gaming, F1, and playoff b-ball.

Originally Posted by Xion X2
Not that I mind that, because I enjoy helping others out. But you seem to know your stuff pretty well.

Do you still have your 1900XT, or did you swap it for the GTS?
Sold the X1900XT in Nov. to buy an 8800. I got into Gears on my 360 and that combined with work gave me nearly zero time for PC gaming until Feb. I didn't see the point in paying a high price for a card I wasn't going to use much so I waited and ended up saving a lot of money when buying my GTS. I actually bought a Foxconn GTX a couple of weeks ago, but it died and Newegg didn't have any more stock so I just took the credit and went back to the GTS. I just built a PC for an uncle and he was getting a GTS so I took the opportunity to upgrade to a GTX and leave him with my GTS - oh well, it didn't work out so I just got him a 320 meg GTS for $265.

BTW, congrats on you 2900XT. I'll be looking forward to seeing your results with it on water. I actually bought almost the same PS as you because I've seen all your posts and research on them (I got the 1000w). I bought it in anticipation of actually going crossfire. It looks like I'll probably wait for the next gen of cards, but if your results on water are exceptional I might give it a shot.
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