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Default Re: Kentsfield/Quad-Core Overclocking Thread

Originally Posted by schuey74
I've always believed that stability is relative to the user. If a system is 100% stable for what you do on it then nothing else matters. Just don't go bragging online about your stability when you know the standard for stability is running programs like orthos for long periods of time. There are a lot C2D systems out there that are 100% stable for gaming and not Orthos or TAT stable. The reason being obvious, most games are only single threaded and even those that are multithreaded hardly use the second core at all (I know there are a couple exceptions like SC & FSX SP1). The CPU is no where near the same level of stress or heat and consequently you can run it faster and be 100% stable while gaming. My old prescott 3.0 @ 3.7 crashed prime immediately, but the CPU dual-folded and gamed nonstop with never a crash so that's how I ran it at.

The above is the long version of yes, watercool it. Based on the rough numbers you laid out I'd say you could get low to mid 50s(c) orthos load w/ a 2x120 thermochill rad and the GTX wb @ 3.6. I would expect your general windows and business apps use temps to be in the low 40s or even better. Whether or not this will be orthos stable remains to be seen.....
I sincerely appreciate your time and articulate examples.

The cost of a water setup isn't onerous. With the triple-rad Thermachill (which if I'm doing this I might as well go for the motherlode) it comes out to ~$500Cdn.

Last query before the long weekend - is there any way to configure it so it isn't such a hassle to get the mb in and out without having to drain it with all the associated wasted time or is this simply a cost of doing business?
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