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Default Re: nVidias Dawn on R3x0

Originally posted by Ratchet
Not nVidia hardware related, but sort of nVidia related none-the-less.

Rage3D was sent an OpenGL wrapper by some MIT computer student which let's > Radeon 9500 users run the Dawn demo in all her glory - check it out here.

Run's awesome on my 9700 Pro. Built in nudity too, but you'll have to figure that one out for yourselfs
I am a touch disappointed... though it may just be me...

yes... dawn's skin looks great but her hair and clothes and eyes and everything else just look nutty

compare this with the truck demo video or the toys.. I am underwhelmed...

I suppose the nudity factor is what drove people to make the wrapper for this but other than that I for one am not impressed with dawn...

TBH... in technical terms I much prefer the ati demos... chimp in particular...

OTOH I would love to see the toys or truck demo's with a wrapper proggy as they seem to be quite interesting...

dawn nude == novelty... I reckon...

-edit- ok.. changed settings to 1600x1200... and looks a damn sight better than @ 1024x768

still lacking a touch after all teh hype... but a lot better than @ low res... for sure...

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