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Originally posted by GlowStick
Those tests you did are very good, but you cant test all of them unless you can get the developers versions of 3dmark03.......

I checked IRC, Kazaa and filemirrors. No dev version leaked up for grabs : O
Hi Glowstick,

Yes I know. I was limited by not having an FX and not having the tool to see if the problem existed in which driver set for GT2 ( and GT4 if I had tested for the FX ) the bugs / cheats occurred.

The reason I did it was not to prove nVidia right or wrong, but i was very annoyed that Extremetech had all the tools and did no figures at all, simply said " A picture paints a thousand words ".

Lazy buggers LOL

I asked Dave Baumann whether 42.68 had the GT2 issue but has has not answered so I don't know.

I did find out some interesting stuff though from the figures :-

1) The Gt1 drawing problem was spotted with 42.68, but you can see that it actually occured at least as far back as 42.01 !Not only that but nVidia managed to increase the score from 42.01 to 42.68 massively ontop of the score got from the bug !

2) When the GT1 bug disappears it is not until much later, and the scores are still high. How ? Fair or foul ?

3) For GT2 high scores first become high at 42.68, not 43.35/44.03, so we need to know if the bug is in these, if so then nobody spotted it for a long time, ie beta testers not testing very efficiently ? If not then the bug/cheat does not increase performance.

4) 44.03 are crap for the GF4 and I think this might be a sign that nVidia is saying adios to coding for the GF4 range because the FX is so different. Sob sob.

Lets see how things progress though, I am sure it will all come out in the wash eventually.





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