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"This *is* important. I'd recommend reading about kernel-compiling in the Kernel-HOWTO (checkout the documentation of your distro, should be somewhere in /usr/share/doc/howto...)"

I dont have a lot of Man in this folder ( no kernel man :'( )

In a nutshell: <- Whats a nutshell ? a konsole ?

You need to install the kernel-sources of your kernel, then go into /usr/src/linux, <- I dont have this folder

run "make menuconfig" => a menu appears, there select "Character devices" and *deselect* "AGP Support" and any drivers for it. <- Dont work on my distro, shell say bad command

Then run "make dep clean bzImage modules modules_install" and if everything went well you've got a new kernel "bzImage" sitting in "/usr/src/linux/arch/i386/boot/" - copy it to /boot,
<- The step before dont work .... i think this one connot be work if the step before dont work ....

edit lilo.conf accordignly and reboot. For details refer to the Kernel-HOWTO.<- How I edit lilo.conf accordignly <- ?????
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