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Originally posted by Spectral

Thank you pelly.. Ive been trying to say the same thing... This bandwagon 3dmark dissathon has become irratating. Anyone with an ounce of common sense knows that it is a decent benchmark.

Actually a benchmark of ones system then its decent. But is it a decent benchmark to comapare two differnet systems? Not really. Then does it predict how other D3D games will run? No way in hell. Sorry 3dmarks is only good for tweaking ones system, finding out how driver changes perfrom or testing the specs of your card, thats about it. 3dmarks != real world perfromance.

Glad to see the improvement and I can not wait to try them. But you realize looking at the detailed 3dmarks scores about the only thing that went up is the Nature scores? And since that is a pixel/vertex shader score and we have sooo many games out there that use pixel/vertex shaders..... again, glad to see improvement but I will wait until I try them in a bunch of different games with Ansio on off before I can make any call....

BTW were those 3dmark scores with Splash screens on or off
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