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Default Re: Kentsfield/Quad-Core Overclocking Thread

Originally Posted by slaWter
There was a BIOS update for the 680i boards with an "improved" temp sensor. The BIOS sensor, which is the reference for the ASUS tool and Everest, reported higher temps after that update. Maybe that's why there is such a huge temp difference between the Zalman 9500 and the Extreme... I don't know if ASUS updated the temp sensor or not.

I don't expect the IFX to be better than the Extreme. The IFX is meant for passive cooling. Plus it only features 4 heat pipes.
Oh, oh. That might be the difference. I'm actually thinking of dumping the Asus because you can't get a quad to get a fsb>333 at least on mine regardless of the multi. The HD tach results are screwy too. Plus they don't have the reference board - its there own deal. Thinking of the evga a1 revision which fixed the quad oc problem and i think the HDD problem as well.

I thought i saw a pic of the ifx with 2 fans on it - one on the side and one in between. the ultra can be used passively as well but why would you want to.

there is a beta bios update that came out last week - maybe that fixed it. still, it did run on orthos for hours and memtest.
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