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Default 8600GT VGA-card

I changed my VGA-card (from 6600 to 8600GT) and installed a new driver(100.14.06). finally, I rebooted my machine by "reboot -- -r" to have my machine recognized a new VGA-card.

but, Xserver can not start automatically.

so, I log in solaris10-x64 as root in text-console mode and type "gdm &".

after this operation, X starts normally as usual except that log-in screen changes a different one.

Could someone tell me how to set up for automatic Xserver startup when my machine is booted ? (I want to see graphical login screen).

my machine is

CPU : AMD64 4400x2
RAM : PC3200 1GB x 2 (2GB)
VGA-card : ASUS EN8600GT SILENT (ASUS EN6600 SILENT when I installed solaris10-11/06 at 1st time)
O/S : Solaris10 11/06 (japanese version)


Sun May 27 06:16:17 2007
error (pid 536): Xsever is shutdowned by unknown reasons .
(this message is written in japanese characters. so I made a straight translation in english (*_?))

Sun May 27 06:16:22 2007
error (pid 536): Server for display :0 can't be started.
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