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something went wrong with your install.

do this to correct it:

boot up normally, DO NOT use FAILSAFE or ANY other mode!!! just the normal one.

when it says 'press I to go to interactive mode' press 'I' but do it real fast! It must appear before the next line.
then wait:
after a while you will be asked to load this or that.
press Y to all, EXCEPT the 'dm' (display manager) after that you can press C. (continue)

log in as root in a text console:

nvidia-installer --uninstall
sh /path/to/
vi /etc/XF86Config-4 (press INS first, change nv to nvidia, then press ESC:wqENTER )

that should make the problem dissappear. if it does not work: post the logfile and config file...

good luck
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