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Default Re: Video capture support on Linux.

I have purchased nVidia chipset graphic cards with the expectation of VIVO being fully supported in Linux. I have been greatly disappointed.

It's true that video-in support would need to integrate with the v4l2 subsystem. It seems obvious to me that nVidia does not want to deal with anything other than the minimal kernel module required to interface with the video card, and the XFree86/Xorg driver. nVidia, please correct me if I'm wrong.

rivatv is not a viable alternative. It currently will not build on recent 2.6 kernels. Even if it did, it seems to me that the I2C opening has not helped them in supporting any cards above the FX series. It also seems to me that development on rivatv has stagnated and it's quite possible that the project is dead.

If rivatv ever was a viable option, wouldn't that make it a reasonably simple task for nVidia to support VIVO directly? Perhaps nVidia could adopt the rivatv project, and either integrate it into their own drivers, or supply a couple of developers to actually make the damn thing work with newer cards.
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