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Default Re: I've got to admin, Sony's got brainwashing down perfect!

Originally Posted by evilchris
People on NVNEWS, who you'd think were *somewhat* technically savvy, think 720p isn't "true HD".

You've also got people thinking that 1080p24 support means an HD movie player is automatically good.

Sigh, fools and their money....

BTW, I'll be buying a $30,000 projector in a few weeks. No, a PS3 won't be playing BD's for it. Neither will an X360 addon. I'm sure Magus would use a PS3 but so would I if this was my TV:
You know evilchris, I read lots and lots of Hifi and computer magazines, and in all of those I haven't read a single bad review of the ps3 as a BD-player. The ones(BD-players) on the market right now aren't just up to par with it, and until better ones hit the market, the ps3 stands unrivaled(price/performance wise). That is until the panasonic DMP-BD10A launches - 600$ price tag and comes bundled with 4 movies.

I know it probably won't be better than the players getting released later this year, but it sure is great value for the money. I'd take the BD in the ps3 over the x360 addon any day.

And about the definition of "true HD" we all get that it's just marketing and nothing else, so no need to start a million threads about it.
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