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Lightbulb VIA chipsets..

Hmm in games Im getting about 10fps extra, but in 3dmark 2001se (updated) I get 100 points less!?.

I never trusted that benchmark anyway, at least gaming benchmarks like quake2/quake3 and rtcw give a better idea of real world performance.

When I installed these new drivers I went back to AGP 2x. I have enabled AGP4x by going into the registry, you can also enable the hardware page from the registry.

Anyway to enable AGP4x and to show the Hardware control panel under display nvidia options do the following

1) run regedt32.exe
2) Head on over to

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Contro l\Video\

Here you will see the various display adaptors in your PC, on my PC I have 5 listed probably from previous drivers etc but the 1st and 5th entry seem to correspond to the new 40.41 drivers. I added the registry entries into both the display profiles\0000 to save rebooting if I picked the wrong one!.

The reason why I know that these two are the real display 40.41 nvidia profile is because of the way the resolutions are stored in the registry i.e. S 2048x1536x32=1; 800x600 848x480=1DFF; etc etc Anyway the registry entries I added were

value = 1


Reboot and then AGP4x should be enabled and when you go into the display properties panel of nvidia there should be an extra menu 'Hardware Options'
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