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Not proven yet, we'll see what happens, shall we ? If a new driver set comes out and proves this, then it will shut up a lot of fanboys here (ATI). If not, then it will shut up a lot of fanboys here. (NV)
Nope it wont. Look at what happen to ATI, the 8500 and Q3 during the first few weeks of its launch. Yea that whole Q3 thing again. Cheat/bug? Well two weeks later a new driver came out and fixed the issue. IQ remained, speed reamined. Thus by your logic it should be a dead issue right? Wrong! Still to this day you see people bitching over it. The same thing will happen here.

Dave over at B3D found out something interesting. If you run without Splash screens, then one of the artifacts goes away. A small speed change (1-2%) is also seen. But the fact that their is a DIFFERENCE when splash screens is on or off makes it a bitter harder to believe its a true bug. Note I did not say it was or was not..just harder to think it is a bug.....
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