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Default Re: Halo2-Vista Feedback Thread.

Originally Posted by MaXThReAT
I would defiantly say the graphics are not fantastic but they are good, good enough that I don't care there not fantastic. Up until getting this game I had not played Halo 2 I refuse to. So far I've had a great time in the tank on the bridge and driving the warthog. The explosions and physics are pretty good. If this was some game called (insert title here) and wasn't Halo2, I think allot of people would enjoy it more. Iíve been a bit of fan since the first Halo1 PC only trailer came out, through MS buying Bungie and making halo an xbox exclusive for years. When it came out on the xbox it was the best FPS ever seen on a console, mass market wise, the numbers don't lie. That's why it has so many followers. Get it for the SP. Live sucks, I haven't even registered, I might never play it MP. I think I played Halo1 MP like 5 or 6 times, with a friend, because he made me. I think people should buy the game and never register it with live. I will never pay to play a MP FPS. I really hate what Hellgate has done with their subscriptions.
Halo 2 PC's online play is free...

GFW Live PC vs PC Online = Free

GFW Live PC Vs 360 Online = Pay
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