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Default Re: I've got to admin, Sony's got brainwashing down perfect!

Originally Posted by DarthBeavis
So 1080p is not better than 720p? And please provide a link for a review stating the PS3 is not a decent BR player. The 360 Elite with HD DVD add on is a decent HD DVD player. what is the big deal?
The PS3 is a horrible Blu-Ray player because evilchris says so... because he knows it all. He has imagined it in his mind the quality it produces and knows it to be bad...

He never produces anything to back up his claim on the PS3s Blu-Ray playback capabilities... he claimed to email his AV Guru Bud yet we have never heard anything regarding it again. He just needs to justify spending a grand on AV equipment because you know the more you spend on it, the better it is!
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