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Default Re: Which HDTV/screen connected to a PC?

Originally Posted by agentkay

Here are the specs but they are automatically translated from the german Sharp site.

The XL1E will be available only in 46" and 52", response time will be an impressive 4ms. IIRC that due to the 100/120hz feature at 1080p which basically cuts the response time in half. Hopefully you will be able to disable all the picture processing filters, just like with the Samsung (M86). I think thats a very useful feature because some filters can decrease picture quality and being able to switch them off is a good thing.

And here is an English article on the new C and X series from Toshiba:
The Sharp TVs sound great. I'm not familiar with the Toshiba LCDs though. Don't remember ever seeing one.

As to their refresh rate, you kind of have it reversed. The higher refresh rates are made possible by having a fast response time. If you pumped up the refresh on a TV with slower pixel response times you'd get all kinds of nasty artifacts since the pixel transitions couldn't keep up with the screen refreshes.
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