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Default 100.14.06 problem with OpenGL shaders

I have problems with the OpenGL shaders on OpenSuse 10.2. If they are activated in the game Nexuiz ( they make the game crash. Sometimes X or the whole system crashes. X cannot be restarted by ctrl+shift+backspace. If the OpenGL shaders are deactivated in the game-menu, the game runs without any problems.

The nvidia-bug-report.log was created right after the game crashed, without making X crash.

First i installed the nvidia driver like it is discribed here: using "The easy way". I think the driver that was installed did not work with my 8600 GTS, because hardware-acceleration was not activated. So i deinstalled the two packages and downloaded from and installed it "The hard way" (see link above). In my eyes the driver seems to be installed correctly.
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