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Default Re: Post your Blu-ray discs here

Originally Posted by muaddib
I am so pissed off that now, after I have an impressive DVD collection, I need to start replacing it with Blu-rays (I think I chose it over HD-DVD)... And I do not even have the money for the discs or the player, but I really want to go High-Def. On a side note, the Blu-ray cases are horrible in comparison to DVDs. It's just plastic wrapped in cover. The DVD world has some truly nice box sets (Alien Quadrilogy, Ultimate Matrix - and I am regarding the aesthetics only).
Actually I like the blu ray cases a lot better than DVD cases because they don't have so much wasted space. It is like a cross between the small brittle jewel cases and the huge plastic dvd cases. The holder for the discs seems to be a lot better than the plastic ones in dvd cases that feel like you are going to snap the disc in half trying to get it out of the case. I would agree it isn't quite as rigid as a dvd case, but you could still throw it down a flight of stairs and the disc would likely remain in tact.
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