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Default Need help.....Already cornfused

So ive decided to try linux(ubuntu), but so far my experience hasnt been all that great. So far, ive got the ISO file...put it on a disk....rebooted....i get the little ubuntu screen with like start or instal ubuntu, start in low graphic interface(i think thats what it said) and so on. matter what i do....the screen just goes black. I click on start/install, and there is an assortmant of letter/number/periods, screen changes....says kernel is active....loading please wait....and then black screen. Thats basically it, i cant get it to do anything more than that. Im kinda stuck, should i re burn the ISO to the disk, should i just keep tryin praying i can get to a dektop??

Anything anybody could suggest would be great. Just try and keep it simple...command prompt nub


*edit* In case it makes any difference, i downloaded 7.04 desktop edition
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