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Default Re: I've got to admin, Sony's got brainwashing down perfect!

Originally Posted by evilchris
Here's a link magus if you ever get enough cash to upgrade to good BD playback:

It's amazing how badly magus little panties get in a twist when someone points out the PS3 isn't the be all end all save the world A/V device. "BTU I RQAD Ojn THER INTERTNETS IT AHS A GODO [pLAYAB K'

Yeah, from a PS3 fanboy.
But what about the BDP-S1's image quality compared with the outstanding PS3, which is also a cut above the Samsung? I tried the BDP-S1 at both 1080p/60 and 1080p/24, and subtly prefer the latter for being a touch sharper and very subtly smoother in motion (and I'll have more on that in a bit). The PS3 held up to the BDP-S1's challenge very, very well. I do believe that the BDP-S1 might be very subtly more detailed and might offer a bit more depth, but after going back and forth umpteen times, these differences remain elusive and perhaps the kind of thing that only a real A/B with two identical 1080p displays could resolve. In many case, differences this subtle are difficult to ferret out, and probably fade to irrelevance on smaller screens. Hell, so far they border on irrelevance on my 80" screen!

Not trying to say the ps3 is t3h b3st, but it sure is good, and holds its own quite well even against the BDP-S1.
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