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Default Re: Nvidia slower after resuming from suspend to RAM

I have a Geforce 7300gt pci-e. I've also noticed this slowdown after both suspend to disk and suspend to ram. Normally glxgears gives me ~ 5900 fps, after suspend, ~ 4000 fps, and in addition, videos are slow, scrolling windows etc..
I've also found a solution, using drivers versions 8776, 9631 and 9755:
- disable completely NvAGP, in xorg.conf, it's not needed, because I have a PCI-E card..
- configure your suspend script to switch to console before suspend and after resume. If you don't do this, the framerate will be ~ 5600 fps... you can also try switching to console manually, to see the difference.

I've only a problem now, after suspend to ram, using driver 9631 and 9755, console screens remain disabled. Notice that I have two monitors used with twinview. Xorg after suspend works, only the virtual consoles don't work.
This problem doesn't occur with driver version 8776.

These tests are done using Debian Etch, Ubuntu Edgy and later (after an upgrade) Ubuntu Feisty.

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