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Hi Louie,

Hmm ... you can do all graphics and video settings
in ordinary text mode.
If you change the vga entry in the lilo.conf into
vga=normal and if you change the boot-time runlevel
into "without xdm" you should get the good old text mode login prompt.

!!! Do ALWAYS run "lilo" after you have made
any changes in /etc/lilo.conf !!!

then install Sax2,

You can start sax2 from a text console
after login as root. I think Sax2 offers more flexibility
than the yast2 video setting, especially the accelerated graphics support
. sax2 writes to the xf86confi
g file. Maybe you should check this out on your laptop
But why do you need such extremely high resolutions
on a laptop?? It's really bizarre :-)

When this works check the infos of the GLX README with the actually settings in your Xf86config file!

PS: DO not start or use Sax2 in X, it will crash and your keyboard and screen is dead!

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