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Default Re: Need help.....Already cornfused

Originally Posted by HaVoK19
So ive decided to try linux(ubuntu), but so far my experience hasnt been all that great. So far, ive got the ISO file...put it on a disk....rebooted....i get the little ubuntu screen with like start or instal ubuntu, start in low graphic interface(i think thats what it said) and so on. matter what i do....the screen just goes black. I click on start/install, and there is an assortmant of letter/number/periods, screen changes....says kernel is active....loading please wait....and then black screen. Thats basically it, i cant get it to do anything more than that. Im kinda stuck, should i re burn the ISO to the disk, should i just keep tryin praying i can get to a dektop??

Anything anybody could suggest would be great. Just try and keep it simple...command prompt nub


*edit* In case it makes any difference, i downloaded 7.04 desktop edition
Did you test your installation media? from the linux prompt (after you've booted from the CD) type "linux mediacheck" and test your CD. If it doesn't pass burn it again.

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