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Default Re: FC6 on Dell XPS710 H2C - OS "loses" hard drives

Originally Posted by AbdusSalam
The XPS 710 is loud? I have FC6 installed and it whispers silently. I'm guessing you dont have the correct graphic card driver installed, and so the graphic card fans aren't operating at the correct speed. I have two NVIDIA GeForce 7900 GS running in SLI mode.

As for the rest of the hardware in my particular XPS 710 - no problems whatsoever with FC6 - and I assume with other linux distributions as well.

Abdus Salam
Yes, I find it extremely loud. Mine has dual 8800s, I don't know if they're in SLI mode or not; I don't even know what SLI mode is. I assumed it was loud because of it's liquid cooled BS. I briefly looked into APCI but with no success.

Quieter would be better. I'm just glad it's not hanging on me anymore. You didn't have that problem? Maybe you're not using the (phony) NVIDIA RAID...?

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