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Smile tried new 40.41 drivers

tried the new 40.41 drivers and got these results on my system

AthlonXP 1700
256mb DDR PC2100
Geforce 2 pro 64mb
Hercules Fortissmo 2 sound card

Quake 3 demo
176.9 fps ( no difference there, ran slightly smoother )

3DMark 2001 SE
4510 ( only 10 extra )

Grand Prix 4
recommended 30 fps ( More graphics being drawn, slightly smoother fps and the image quality of graphics was improved too)

Only lost 3fps on recommended fps but i got better looking game

This is where i got my improvement was too busy looking at the graphic detail to drive round track on monaco, more trees, extra cranes, new crowd stands and people on building watching race etc.
Got to admit i was amazed new drivers improved it

I like them at moment

If nvidia not releasing morew drivers for win9x then looks like i need to buy winxp home edition
Thats 90 wasted on software
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