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I think, *maybe*, a reason they still bring up Quack is because it was done to a game that you could actually purchase off the shelf. And was currently THE best selling PC game of the time, that we were all playing.

3dmark, isn't a game. You can't purchase it in PCGameshopX.

And I'll bet that the biggest percentage of PC gamers don't actually know what 3dmark is.

Yet, the biggest percetage, if not almost complete percentage, know or have heard of Quake3.

Big difference.
1, is a blatant cheat in a top PC game of the time, thats actually VISIBLE and drastically affects IQ.
2, is a so-called cheat, in a benchmark only the PC elite are using.
And it isn't visible to us mortals, and doesn't affect IQ.

And why did top websites have to post this finding on the front page ? And in the manner they did.

It's like the thief thats condemned, without being allowed to put his side of the story across. And by the time he does, it's all too late and he's already been judged.

Why not email Nvidia about it first, see if they do something about it in a possible 'fix', THEN report it ?
And if it isn't fixed, then we can all jump on the wagon, and spout death to Nvidia. Or thats the impression I get.
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