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Maybe I'll just keep replying to myself here!

The README.txt for the new drivers lists off the following constraints that my configuration is breaking:

o The horizontal sync width (the horizontal sync end minus the
horizontal sync start (HSE - HSS)) must be a multiple of 8 and be
less than or equal to the value in the table below.

o The vertical sync width (the vertical sync end minus the vertical sync
start (VSE - VSS)) must be less than or equal to the value in the
table below.

The table in the readme does not have a value for the Quadro2, but it seems to be 256 for the HSW and 16 for the VSW.

Since my configuration is exceeding these limits, the resolution is not being allowed. Can I just adjust the HSE and VSE to meet the numbers required for the resolution? (I actually tried that and locked the machine up trying to get in the higher resolution.) Does anyone know of a good way to determine the VSE and HSE that would be supported by the card and monitor - or any other way to work around this?

And lastly, are these limits just imposed by the new driver, and not the older 'nv' driver? I've tried a number of options (NoDDC, NoBandWidthTest, etc...) but it seems like there is no getting past these limits...

Sorry for the repeated questions, I'm just anxious to get to the bottom of this...
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