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Default Re: Ooooh, lemme take a swing at #2!

Originally posted by digitalwanderer
nVidia is using it to herald their card as the undisputed King.
They are? Where? If I am not mistaken, they were more interested in Doom 3 by the reviews that I have read so far.

Funny thing, I tried e-mailing 'em. They tried their damndest to get me fired, but they still haven't returned my e-mail.
While I have no idea what your relationship is with nVidia, I highly doubt they have the time to "try to get you fired". I am also quite sure that your efforts to make these "issues" public, quite possibly has alot to do with their lack of response to you directly. I just find it very hard to believe that such things are going on. I know several of the nVidia folks and they do not strike me as being that way whatsoever. I also think we can all make the assumption that they have a great many more important things on their plate right now...
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