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Default Re: Need help.....Already cornfused

WOOOOHOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! the problem was really really simple....but first i wanna thank you guys for all the help. You guys are awesome.

Now, lol....i actually kinda feel ashamed to say this....but the only reason that it wasn't booting was because i had the resolution set wrong. In the little boot screen, it shows f4 as vga. well i changed that to 1280x1024...and it booted right in to Ubuntu. I guess that it was probably loading all along, just that i couldn't see it for some reason.

again, thanks for all the help. and hell, i updated my bios in the its not like it was all bad.

oh oh, 1 last thing. Ive got saved to my favorites. Can ya'll recommend some more sited for ubuntu. i want to find some good tutorials and such.

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