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Default Re: I've got to admin, Sony's got brainwashing down perfect!

Originally Posted by DarthBeavis
U picked one out of several requirements dude. A1 <> 1080p and <> operating like a standard DVD player (meaning lame operation). It is ghey to have company over and have to wait 5 minutes for the HD DVD unit to warm up and load . . .

A1 = teh SuX, if you think otherwise then you just allowed yourself to settle for lameness. If the later models have improved then great for them. It still does not take away from the A1 sucking. Does the 360 do everything? hell no. There is definately a trade off. For me the convenience outweighs cons. Once the format war is settled maybe I will pop for a dedicated unit. Until then the consoles will suffice.
I prefer the 360 add-on connected to the HTPC. You get the benefit of good load times, PQ that easily can rival the best stand-alone unit, and fine-grained control of the picture and sound that a stand-alone can't match. The only drawback is that it's uglier than sin. Though if internal HD DVD drives ever come out in the US that will be a problem of the past.
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