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I think, *maybe*, a reason they still bring up Quack is because it was done to a game that you could actually purchase off the shelf. And was currently THE best selling PC game of the time, that we were all playing.
Dont know about that as most people I know where not playing Q3 back then Q3 servers had fallen off to other games like RtCW seemed to be the big hit back then. BTW at least with that Q3 you actually got some performance gain out of the "cheat/bug". If you did not like the IQ changes you could always drop the slider bar on the textures down one notch and still enjoy the speed gains. Please show me how this cheat/bug in 3dmarks works in real games.....

And I'll bet that the biggest percentage of PC gamers don't actually know what 3dmark is.
I would bet a much larger amount knows about 3dmark. Look at any PC magazine that they have Video card "reviews" and you will see out of the 2 or 3 benchmarks they use 3dmarks is usually one of them.

Big difference.
1, is a blatant cheat in a top PC game of the time, that's actually VISIBLE and drastically affects IQ.
???? It was 5 textures. Almost all review sites missed this on the initial 8500 reviews even thought they showed Q3 screenies. It was only when NV provided them with the hints that they saw it.

2, is a so-called cheat, in a benchmark only the PC elite are using.
Yea any one can download 3dmarks and run it. That's not elite. The current facts are that drivers have been increasing 3dmarks scores for awhile at the same time they are providing more smearing and other artifacts in 3dmarks.

And it isn't visible to us mortals, and doesn't affect IQ.
I love this one. Just because you can not see it its not a cheat? Wow.

And why did top websites have to post this finding on the front page ? And in the manner they did.
They were not handed the info as nV provide sites with the tool to rename and run Q3. Only beta partners have access to this version of 3dmarks. All the websites that are beta partners have confirmed they see this. Besides do you think that Anandtech, HardOCP, FS and the others have the techincal know how to understand? I dont think so.

Why not email Nvidia about it first, see if they do something about it in a possible 'fix', THEN report it ?
And if it isn't fixed, then we can all jump on the wagon, and spout death to Nvidia. Or that's the impression I get.
Dave over at B3D sent them an email with his findings and asked nV for a explanation. That was on May 8th. Its now they 22nd. ATI had their Q3 fix 2 weeks after the cards have shipped. But publicly acknowledge this a week before. How much more time does nV need? Sorry NV has lost my trust with all of the dealings with the NV30 and prior actions.

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