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Default NVidia framebuffer driver to replace vesafb

I'm currently using the UNaccelerated vesafb driver that is in the Linux kernel. My grub kernel line:
kernel /bzImage root=/dev/hda3 hdc=ide-scsi hdd=ide-scsi vga=0x346 video=vesa:mtrr,ywrap:1600x1200@60

Now I was wondering if it would be possible for NVidia to provide a driver to replace this generic console driver and make it possible to use all resolutions and colordepths that are also available in XFree86 and provide accelerated graphics for us console lovers? I can only run 1600x1200@16 bits atm, and that was a pain to find out (no decent docs available anywhere on the web at the time)

There is atm the rivafb driver which does some acceleration, but it won't swallow my Geforce2 GTS let alone more recent cards. This is a concern for me, which I would like to see resolved so I can buy a replacement videocard and know that it is being put in full service and not that it is idling on some oldschool unaccelerated vesa thingies.

Hopefully, such a driver in the kernel can also fix a problem I've been having, that changing between XFree and console messes things up badly when running a framebuffer application, because now it keeps resulting in me doing a reboot to reinitialize and fix things.

I would like to know if such a driver is planned or if it is already being developed (I'm sure you will have thought of similar things a thousand times already:P)
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