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Originally posted by tsubasa
root@barbeuzlan:dmesg | grep agpgart
Nothing appear ....

I try :
root@barbeuzlan:modprobe agpgart
Nothing appear ....

I retry :
root@barbeuzlan:dmesg | grep agpgart
And ....
root@barbeuzlan: Linux agpgart interface v0.99c
root@barbeuzlan: Agpgart : Maximum main memory to use for agp : 440 M
root@barbeuzlan: Detected VIA Apollo Pro 266 KT266 chipset <- ( eu... i have a kt333 )
root@barbeuzlan: AGP apperture is 128M@0xe0000000
This means that you have AGP-support compiled in as a module. That's good. Disabling kernel support for AGP means that you simply delete the module. How?

1. execute "cd /lib/modules/`uname -r`/kernel/drivers" which should take you to the directory where all drivers of your running kernel are stored.

2. look for a directory named agp there and delete it

3. enter the info about the nvidia into /etc/modules.conf I've already written about

4. run "depmod -a"

5. make sure to set NvAGP to "1" (in the /etc/X11/XF86Config). This means that only nvidias AGPdriver will be used and loading the kernel-driver will not be attempted.

Once this is done you can play around with the different append strings, perhaps it will help.
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