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Default Re: New to all this!!

I've just gone for a fairly safe overclock with my Q6600. Just changed these settings in the bios:

Locked pci to 33mhz
Locked pci-e to 100mhz
Set memory to 1:1
Then upped the fsb 20mhz(ish) at a time until I hit 333mhz.

Cpu speed = 333fsb * 9 (3ghz).
Memory at 666mhz.

I've not touched the voltages at all.

On the other hand, you could always have a look round and see what clock speeds people are getting on their 8800s and use NTune to overclock the graphics cards instead... although I'm not sure if NTune does SLI as I don't have one GTX let alone two.
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