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Default Re: Re: Re: Ooooh, lemme take a swing at #2!

Originally posted by digitalwanderer
Believe what you want to/must. I know what happened.

As for my efforts to make this public having any bearing on their replying to me e-mail, I'd think it would speed up a reply if anything.

I agree that they have a whole lot better ways to be focusing/using their time right now, on that I fully agree.
For one thing, I am not sure I understand what you would be "fired from".

Secondly, I am sure that if they DID respond to you, they would have no assurances that you would not paste the response across numerous forums, correct? I am thinking they will respond publicly on their terms, not when we think they should. However, I am anxious to see HOW they respond because they will be ultimately judged by their response.
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