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Originally posted by Sazar
the matter does not concern the nv35 or nv30 exclusively...

it encompasses the range of nv3x products and hence should perhaps be viewed as more far reaching than you are giving it credit for...

btw I don't recall too many people saying the nv35 sucked or anything... perhaps underwhelming but by no means a bad product...
The fact of the matter is we are a small group when you look at the big picture.
9 out of 10 people do not read reviews and all.
They just buy what ever looks good in the store.
So I really do not think someone saying NV is chaeting is
really going to matter that much to nvidia.

Now as for as the line goes I agree.
The 5200 and 5600 really needed to be better products.
ATI has better in that area for sure.
Well, performance wise anyway.
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