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Originally posted by BigBerthaEA
For one thing, I am not sure I understand what you would be "fired from".
Sorry, poor choice of words on my behalf but it's a new/weird situation for me. How's about, "lose moderation powers and front page posting privelages along with access to the private forums where we talk about what we're going to do on the site"...better?

Secondly, I am sure that if they DID respond to you, they would have no assurances that you would not paste the response across numerous forums, correct? I am thinking they will respond publicly on their terms, not when we think they should. However, I am anxious to see HOW they respond because they will be ultimately judged by their response.
All they'd have to do is ask me not to talk about it, I'm real good at keeping private bits private. I get a lot of info that I ain't at liberty to discuss, I value me word to highly to break it and it would be shooting meself in the foot to do so. (I have a feeling if I was known as a blabber-mouth people wouldn't be as forthcoming with the info for me "weird" that way too. )

I don't "blab" any PM's I get, the "P" stands for "private" to me and I sort of respect that.
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