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Default Satisfaction / dissatisfaction with nvidia

netllama gave me this idea, so I'm opening this thread to discuss opinions on nvidia.

What is bothering me is the almost "fully" closed development of new drivers. You don't know which bugs are going to be fixed in future release, when are they going to be fixed or if they are assigned to be fixed at all.
So I'm proposing an open bug-tracking system, where customers would report bugs, see their priority and progress.

Next thing is moderation on this forums. Why netllama closed this popular thread:
of course it was a bit offtopic, and it bring a bit of shame on nvidia, but why not instead clean it a bit (delete or move to a new thread offtopic posts)?
As you can see, we were trying to find a way around a problem, so you can't just close it.

Thats it for now. Please leave your comments, or ideas on improvements. Maybe someday the'll become reality.

EDIT: added poll
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