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Default Re: FEAR Stress Test

You all testing this in XP or Vista or both?

Also, Redeemed; I noticed you have AA set to 4x in the CP and in game, but you also have AA Mode set to Override. Override only works when there is no AA option in the game or it is set to Off in game. By you having it set to 4x in CP and in game, well, it's using the in game setting of 4x. I guess either way it's running 4x, but just though I'd let you know. I have mine set at 16x and Override and turn it off in any game that has the option. It works. Also, I thought Soft Shadows didn't work with AA enabled?

Here's my results;

Everything Maxed in game and in CP, VSync Off, Soft Shadows Off, everything else Enabled or On:

Oh, and it's only 1280x1024, as I only have a 19" LCD.


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