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Default Re: Shadowrun released - not DX10?

Originally Posted by Toss3
I'm waiting for some reviews aswell; the game looked really good and fun, based on the vids I saw a couple of weeks ago. Please tell me if you find any!
One thing that I keep hearing is that the gameplay mechanics are rather complex. Which is a GREAT thing.

I guess there are just so many possibilities for every weapon, spell and tech combination that its pretty overwhelming at first. Thats one of the reasons I kind of don't want to wait on this one... Its probably better to start playing when everyone is a n00b rather than waiting a month and getting my ass handed to me.

EDIT: One of the examples is on the website. The gust spell:
* Gust can be used to keep an enemy artifact carrier from the extraction point.
* Gust can send an opponent off one of the many ledges in Santos, tumbling towards his death.
* Gust is very useful for keeping that Katana or Shotgun wielding enemy from getting close enough to be effective.
* Gust is the only thing able to hurt someone who has the smoke spell activated.
* Gust can be used to increase your initial boost when gliding.
* Gust can be used to reduce falling damage, if cast straight down.

Perhaps the most powerful use of gust is what people call the poor man’s rocket launcher. Toss a grenade and then gust it and you can blow up opponents two blocks away, long before they are expecting any combat.
Thats an awful lot of uses for ONE spell.
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