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Default Re: Satisfaction / dissatisfaction with nvidia

Originally Posted by wschutzer
Gosh, that was a long post.

Prof. Waldeck Schützer, Ph.D.
DM/UFSCar, Brazil
Yes it was; but a well written post is never too long for me.

I voted "yes". Not an ecstatic "yes", to be sure, but still a "yes".

Considering the overall complexity in this ever-changing Windows/Linux world it sometimes amazes me that the darn cards work at all.

We tend to see all the issues as purely technical. Nvidia (and AMD/ATI) are profit-oriented companies in a capitalistic world. No doubt some of the "bugs" that we see as technical issues are really commercial issues related to a profitable dependence on the Windows community (still hugely dominant) as well as positioning toward the future and keeping their legal act clean. Only the growth of Linux such that it becomes a more powerful market segment is going to change that, here as well as with modems, wireless, codecs, etc.

A key frustration seems to be that Linux folks innately are more technically oriented yet available information is limited to the marketing hype (muchos BS) and here ("just the facts please"). We tend to want to know more of the in-between stuff. Fact is, the forum staffers probably don't know that much more either about "where it's all going" or what's gonna get fixed next and when. Even if they do know, management decisions are likely change all that in a heartbeat.

As to closing a thread: Yes, poor form for a forum but that thread really had nowhere to productively go. It would be nice if NV would post a sticky on issues like these, state its position, and update it as the situation changes. Sometimes just being "up front" about some things might be less damaging.

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