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Default Re: Satisfaction / dissatisfaction with nvidia

In my opinion, open-sourcing the drivers is probably not going to fix any problems real soon. Look at the state of other large-and-complex open source projects, e.g. Mozilla or OpenOffice. They have open bugs that have remained open for a decade, even when they would seem to be easy to fix. It takes quite some effort to examine the structure of the sourcecode for such a large project, find the thing to fix, and then convince the maintainers to include a fix in the next release (without that, fixing does not really bring much).

An open bug-tracking system is a good thing to have, even for a closed-source project. It saves a lot of time debugging something that is already a known bug.

One last thing: I find it disturbing that on this forum threads have been closed and users banned for no really apparent reason. Moderators may feel that discussions are off-topic, but closing threads and banning users for that is not very effective and blocks useful discussion as well. Editing the posts (replacing unwanted posts with an indication that something has been removed) gets the message through and keeps the forum usable for others.
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