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Default Re: p5b + e6400 + 2gb corsair never been clocked :(

Originally Posted by XDanger

Does auto vcore push up the voltage needlessly ,I see you run at 1.35v for a much bigger oc, mine says 1.38v on auto IDLE


there are a couple of posts on anandtech forums with regards to Vcore (and other Voltages) on the p5b-xx series.
keeping the voltage on auto does exactly that.. automatically adjust the Voltage(s) .
its best to set all Voltages to manual (value) if u plan on oc'ing or even otherwise!

i have a c2d-e6400 @2.8, keeping the voltage on auto takes the Vcore to 1.4, manually i can keep it at 1.29 and it still works great.

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