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Default Re: Satisfaction / dissatisfaction with nvidia

I too haven't decided whether I'm satisfied or not with nvidia's driver model. When I had my ti4200, everything "just worked" with the nvidia driver. My experience with older nvidia cards has been just as positive. With my new motherboard (Biostar TF 7050-M2), however, the onboard 7050PV graphics are not supported in even the latest beta driver. They might be supported "later this summer", but until then I'm stuck using the vesa driver.

However, I think open-sourcing the current driver wouldn't be very practical, as one of the reasons for long-standing bugs in OpenOffice and Firefox is the huge codebase that was inherited by the current maintainers. I'd love it if nvidia saw fit to release enough of the hardware specs so that a clean open-source driver could be written. I know the Nouveau folks are working at getting this information "the hard way", but it would be a lot easier and faster if the specs were available from the source. I don't see why any company wouldn't want to release data that would make their hardware work better for users on any OS. Hopefully either forward-thinkers at nvidia or pressure from competitors open-sourcing their codebases can make this happen.

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