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Originally posted by monkeydust
Tried them on WinXP Pro and I was getting a NvTwk.dll (or something like that) error everytime I booted up. Tried running the installer and installing them manually with the same results.
MonkeyDust (and anyone else getting the NvTwk.dll error)

The reason is because you have a 3rd party tweak utility loaded which calls NvTwk.dll. This DLL is no longer used by Nvidia Dets so naturally the tweak utility can't call it. But the utility doens't know that and tries any way.

I foudn this out by playing around with my 2 systems that have different tweak utilities loaded.

NvMax says "Detonator 20.00 or greater not installed"
NvTweak dies with the "NvTwk.dll" error

I haven't tried all the utilities but it looks like they won't work with the 40.xx series (yet).

ASUS A7n8x
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